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Deaf Film Camp

Deaf Film Camp at Camp Mark Seven is designed for 13 -16 year old aspiring filmmakers, regardless of prior experience. For two weeks, campers will eat, drink, and breathe film-making in the fresh Adirondacks air of Old Forge, New York! Each camper will write, produce, direct, and edit her or his own film on digital video! Despite the feverish pace of this two-week program, each camper will experience and chronicle nature at its best with GoPro cameras during a multitude of activities in and around our stunning lakefront! A team of talented Deaf instructors will teach the campers:
  • the language and practice of film-making;
  • the history of narrative storytelling in American Sign Language;
  • the fundamentals of graphic design;
  • the art of script-writing and using storyboards; and
  • the techniques of theater set designs.
Also, campers will learn to edit their films with Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator and Final Cut X Pro digital editing systems. Each weekday is split between morning in-class instruction, fun outdoor activities in the afternoon, and editing and telling stories at evening bonfires. Together with counselors and assistants, these skilled instructors, with their wealth hands-on experience and training from accredited programs, will immerse the campers in the importance of planning their projects. Story structure, theme, character, tension, and conflict will be explored as they are used in film-making. Through hands-on and class playback demonstrations in the camp’s beautiful outdoor environment, the campers will learn camera movements, visual arrangements, and editing patterns and actions that focus on drama. Each camper will rotate through principal film crew positions (including director) in a series of films, and will meet on a daily basis with their team leaders to review scripts and shooting plans. With ample assistance from our new technical support team, campers' final films will be showcased on Parents' Night. Come to Camp Mark Seven and experience Deaf Film Camp at the exciting intersection of advanced technology and wondrous nature. Email the Deaf Film Camp Director at director@deaffilmcamp.com if you have any questions.

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