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How Can I Help?

How Can I Help? There are many ways you can support CM7–whatever path you choose will mean a great deal to our campers and staff! Outlined below are the different ways you can support us: you can donate money; you can donate working, usable equipment; you can donate your services (e.g. architect, groundskeeper); you can conduct …

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Bequests and Wills

Give a Special Gift of Love to Camp Mark Seven Consider making a specific bequest in your will to support the mission and programs of Camp Mark Seven (CM7). Enclosed is a form for you to include in your will. Please feel free to contact Kelly Lange, Foundation Director at: for guidance or more information. …

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Friends of the Foundation

The Friends of the Foundation section was created in 2004 for special friends of CM7.

Membership is $1000 or more, either through a one-time donation or accumulated donations over the years. Each year M7DF/CM7 honors the newer Members for their generosity by placing colored leaves or sculptured bronze rocks on the Tree of Life in …

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Rocky Point Director’s Club

One of our sponsors – RIT/NTID. Please check out their website, for more information!

Moose River Club

One of our sponsors – Mountainman Outdoor Supply Company. Please check out their website, for more information!One of our sponsors – ZVRS. Please check out their …

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