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Contact Us

Mailing Address

144 Mohawk Hotel Rd

Old Forge, NY 13420

To contact Dave Staehle, Camp Director, email director@campmark7.org   Directions
  1. Take the New York State Thruway (I-90) towards Utica.
  2. Get off on Exit 31, Rt. 8/12 North, Downtown Utica.
  3. Follow the signs for Route 12N.
  4. Rt. 12N eventually merges with Rt.28. You will be on this road for about 20-25 miles.
  5. When you get in the town of Alder Creek, you will see the sign for Rt. 28 North; bear right onto Rt. 28N. You will be on Rt. 28N for about 20-25 miles.
  6. You will drive through the towns of Thendara and Old Forge.
  7. After passing through Old Forge, stay on Rt. 28N for another 7 miles.
  8. You will see a large brown sign saying, “Camp Mark Seven at the Mohawk” on your right. If you drive into the town of Eagle Bay, you know you missed it by a mile.
  9. Turn right onto the driveway (dirt/gravel road).
  10. A short way down, when you see a large red barn (first building) on your left, immediately turn left and park in the parking lot behind it.
  11. If you arrive at the fork, you know you passed the parking lot. Go around the fork and park behind the red barn (also called the Pole Barn).
  12. Walk up the right fork in the road to the large main building.
  13. Go through the doors and down the steps to the main office which is on your right.

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